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OpenSDA firmware question FRDM KL46Z

Question asked by J Michael on Aug 29, 2013
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Newbie question


I've got a FRDM KL46Z and I notice it has the CPU MK20DX128VFM5 with OpenSDA.

At some point I came across PEMicro

and I notice "Firmware Apps(.zip)" link and in the compressed file are some files

with extension .sda. I understand I can take the latest file for FRDM KL46Z and I should be able to press reset, boot up FRDM KL46Z and then drag and

drop file into the pseudo USB mass storage drive and it will magically write the .sda file to the OpenSDA CPU MK20DX128VFM5.


As a newbie, I don't fully understand which bits are open.

Is the Firmware Apps(.zip) released under open source and/or is there sources for the USB mass storage firmware?


I love that bit of technology and I would like to expand its use.

I want to make an OpenSDA board using the schematics supplied for FRDM KL46Z but add some optical isolation.

Many of our boards contain high voltage and if anything goes wrong, it can blow up the PC.

Optoisolation with 25MHz optoisolation should solve that problem.


As a further interest, I noticed the FRDM KL46Z board contains a 100 pin MKL46Z256VLL4 CPU and loads of peripherals such as MAG3110 magnetometer, MMA8451Q accelerometer,

capacitive touch slider as well as USB CDC firmware.

Is there sources for all this?

I looked here FRDM-KL46Z Product Summary Page but nothing jumps out of there to say where I might find the files because I'm not used to Freescale terminology yet.

I would save me a lot of time if I could get the sources,