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IIC Bus Busy is not cleared after stop condition

Question asked by santhosh sl on Aug 29, 2013

I am using IIC of S12X DP512 to communicate with ST micro's RTC.

After all the debugging I have finalised Read and Write procedures for this communication.

But for the read part I am seeing some problem that IBB of IBSR is not getting cleared even after I make IBCR_ML_SL = 0 (Stop condition.)

When i run it continuosly it if getting stuck at IIC_WAIT macro(to wait for IBIF bit set) but when i put breakpoint here and do single step it is continue execution (no stuck condition). Because of this if I do read continuously for different registers, it is getting stuck and not seeing any response.

Can you please let me know IBCR_ML_SL = 0 is the actual Stop condition and after this IBB will get cleared or do i need to do some thing else.



Attached is the complete project for this IIC access commands.

Original Attachment has been moved to: IIC-Access.rar