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High Speed USB on Kinetis K61 - Freescale USB Stack, Drivers, and Examples

Question asked by Winston Kwong on Aug 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Kirk Clendinning

I am trying to get USB 2.0 high speed to work on our custom board with the Kinetis K61.  I have contacted Kinetis support and they pointed me to the USB Stack v4.0.3 examples:


I perused the v4.0.3 and v4.1.1 but I don't see examples for HS USB.  The examples demonstrate full speed USB only with the KHCI stack.  In the KHCI stack and drivers, they use the USB0 registers which map to the full speed USB interface.


In the EHCI named files, there are references to USBHS and I do see driver for the HS phy (USB3300).  However there are no examples demonstrating functionality.  So I don't know if the HS speed stack and driver work.


Does anyone know if HS USB is even supported/working in Freescale's USB Stack?