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i.MX6 MSI Interrupt

Question asked by lorenx4 on Aug 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Richard Zhu
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Hello everybody,


we are developing a product using i.MX6Q, and we need to use the MSI PCI capability. We have a custom driver which uses PCI to communicate with our device. We successfully register the IRQ in the system as a PCIe-MSI IRQ (nr. 497), and it seems that no errors or warnings are issued. The problem is that no interrupts are received by the driver, nor by the system (looking in /proc/interrupts and debugging the kernel). We have used the same driver on a different board using PCIe-MSI irq, and there were no problems.


Anyone have tested or used the MSI irq on the i.MX6?


(We're using Linux 3.0.35 kernel and Seco Q7 Board).


Thank you.