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ad7792 interface problem(urgent) please.......

Question asked by prashanterande on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2013 by prashanterande

Hello all,

i am trying to interface ad7792(16 bit adc) to mc9s12p128 uC


but my adc not get configured.

same adc i hv interface to mc9s08gt32 n working properly.

i think my problem in SPI initialization.

my configuration as  follows:


my initialization

/* irqcr=0xc0          ;for adc conversion complete


/* spi

/*spicr1=0x10     ;'




i am trying to config adc as

/*  AN1+/AN-,differential inp,internal ref. both current source off. 0-100mv inp and continuous conversion mode


but i cant get external interrupt means conversion complete flag.


please help  me..!