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MQX 3.7 httpser example can't work at MQX4.0

Question asked by alan chen on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by Susan Su

Hi all,


     Recently, I started to learn how to use HTTPD. So I tried to execute httpdsrv example in MQX 3.7 + IAR 6.1 and the other one in MQX4.0 + IAR 6.6.

     Of course, the both examples can work fluently.


     Now the problem is why httpd_server_run(server) always is wrong when transporting the httpser example of MQX 3.7 to MQX 4.0 + IAR 6.6 compile environment.

     It can't show the right Web Page, even though I have changed all MQX libraries and other relative settings.

     It's a so confusing problem.


   Thanks for everyone's response.


    Platform: NK2635 (TWRK60N512)