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Lost ability to flash MC56F8247

Question asked by Andreas Werner on Aug 22, 2013

Hi everybody,


I am a newbie with microcontrollers, so first I just did, what I was told to and used the board I was given.

Recently I discovered a problem with one of the ports on my board. So I wanted to test and configured all pins as output and wrote a software to toggle those pins every 100ms.

Next, I wanted to test something different, but I was not able to flash new software to the controller.


I even configured the pins for JTAG and reset as output. As I found out now, these pins are used to flash software to the microcontroller, so I think, I "locked myself out" of the microcontroller.


So my question, is there any way to regain access to the ability to flash the controller?




CodeWarrior USB TAP

Windows 7 x64 with XPMode (worked fine until now)