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How to modify the struct mxc_audio_platform_data

Question asked by S M on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2017 by aravinthkumar jayaprakasam

I want to create a custom board based on i.MX6 which needs to use the three ssi ports connected to the audmux which is connecing to 3 audio sources via 3 external ports. My doubtful areas are:

1. How to configure the three ssi??

        Do we need to make 3 structure of struct mxc_audio_platform_data instances for the three ssi in the board info file like

        static struct mxc_audio_platform_data mx6_audio1_data = {

            .ssi_num= 3, (is this the total number of ssi used or the ssi port used)

            .src_port = 5, // Port5: AUD5

            .ext_port = 2, // Port2: ssi-2

            .hp_gpio = -1,


     (do we need 3 structures like this???)

2. How to configure the audmux

3. I want to connect 2 i2s audio input( obtained from another board as audio samples) and one sgtl5000 codec. can i use imx6 as slave for the 2 i2s input and master for sgtl5000 codec?. If yes how is the configuration done?


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