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Vybrid / Vivante GPU displays gradient too dark

Question asked by Dirk Doerr on Aug 21, 2013



it seems that I found a problem concerning the Vivante GPU or driver stack when using OpenVG radial gradient.


The attached example code (based on the tiger example of the 0.5.0 OpenVG driver and MQX) shows an arc that is filled with a radial gradient. On Vybrid this gradient is displayed way too dark.


I compared the output with the win32 version of the RI code and on i.MX53 using QNX. RI and QNX shows the expected output (a bit different which is to be expected when using gradients but visually almost the same).  I took some screenshots using vgReadPixels on Win32, QNX and MQX (for this I use MFS and store result as tga file to FAT formatted SD Card which is mounted as A: at startup)


I also compared the output with i.MX6 Linux and it shows the same dark gradient as Vybrid. On Vybrid the same problem exists with another RTOS that uses - according to the supplier - a vanilla unmodified Vivante stack.


Kind regards


        Dirk Dörr

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