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SPI example trouble

Question asked by gsanchez on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by gsanchez

Hi folks, I have this question:

I'm trying to test a board with Kinetis K60, PN: MK60DX256ZVLQ10; and I'm having problems with the "SPI polled" example for MQX (spi_twrk60n512). This is, I cannot write the "SPI memory" which is referenced in the example. The following is the output when I debug the project:


Enable write latch in memory ... OK

Read memory status ... 0x00

Write byte to location 0x000000f0 in memory ... 0xba

Read memory status ... 0x00

Read byte from location 0x000000f0 in memory ... 0x00

Byte test ... ERROR

Getting statistics:

Interrupts:   0

Rx packets:   8

Rx overflow:  0

Tx packets:   33

Tx aborts :   0

Tx underflow: 0


I think this can be because my K60 doesn't have the same memory map of the MCU in Tower Kit. I look in the RM and in the datasheet, and I cannot found the memory map referenced in this example, with the purpose to change the address values in the example. Please, can anybody help me to find it?

Thanks for your help, and sorry about my english.


Kind regards.