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MMPF0100 how to enter OFF mode

Question asked by Peter Hygren on Aug 20, 2013

We've developed a custom board with IMX6D and MMPF0100 (default version) and are running a yocto custom build. We have a problem with power off mode, we can't enter it. We're not interested in sleep or standby etc.


The datasheet for MMPF0100 states that if PWRON is set low and SWxOMODE bits are not set, OFF mode should be entered, however the voltages (SW1-4 and VGEN1-6) won't shut off so I assume sleep is entered. However I am seeing some weird behavior in SW2, namely it alternates between 1.8V and 2.2V.


The power button is connected to the CPU and I see no difference between "shutdown -h 0" and just asserting the power button for >4s.


Any ideas?