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ADC K60 setup SC1A and SC1B to return result in one interrupt

Question asked by aroste on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2013 by aroste

Hi all,


I read many things but still don't know what I can do or not.


In hardware there are to channels that can be set in K60 processor with configuration register ADCx_SC1A and B.


How do I have to setup everything to start a conversion of those 2 channels and get one interruption when both are finished?


I use tower TWR-K60F120M and configured the PE to generate the code. Depending the configuration the interface allow, or not, the use of 2 channels. (Discontinuous mode)


I check the all the ADC registers details in the reference manual, my conclusions at this point are :

- Both ADC channels have to be started separately.

- SC1A can start by software or hardware trigger.

- SC1B only hardware trigger.