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SD image for a working full Linux Distro with Accelerated Graphics for IMX6 Sabre Lite

Question asked by Rodney Fulk on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez

Does anyone have a fully working accelerated graphics Linux Distribution?


I have the boundary devices Sabre Lite IMX6 board and I am looking for a full Linux distribution that will run on this board.

I have Boundary devices Capacitive screen hooked to this board.


I tried the oneric image and it was extremly slow.


I have not tried the Yocto builds yet. I am new to building a distribution and I really just need a fully functional distro for my project.


I was able to load up the Android 4.2.2 SD image I found and it was very responsive as I would expect.


I do have an LTIB build I was able to run but it did not have X11 support in it and only interacted with the console. I recently downloaded the new LTIB posted but have not tried using them yet. But seems like a lot of work to just get a Linux Distro running on the board. (Mainly I want a full distro so I know it has all of the software and libraries I need for building projects since I have no clue what I need otherwise. )