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PF0100 with < 3.3 V Vin

Question asked by varsmolta on Aug 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by varsmolta

Can I use a PF0100 (used to power the i.mx6) with a < 3.3V Vin input. We'd like to use a triple NiMH source (3*1.2V = 3.6V but the discharge can lead the source voltage to go as low as ~3.2V)The reason I ask is that SW2 buck is capable of outputting 3.3V (which can be used for peripherals like SD, eMMC) but can it output this voltage if the input Vin is < 3.3V? The PF0100 datasheet says that Vin can be in the range of 2.8V - 4.5 V. Can the entire chip work as prescribed as long as the Vin voltage is in this range or will some bucks not work because Vin is lower than the buck's capable outputs? Thanks