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Question asked by Marc Bunyard on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by Mingzhao Li

I have been trying to get the TWR-WIFI-GS1500M working with the TWR-K60F120M, and have to use the SPI interface.  I'm running the SPI at 500KHz with CPL = 0, CPH = 0.  I'm looking for the "Serial2WiFi APP" banner after power up, and I'm not getting any activity on the GPIO28 line or the SPI out from the GS1500M.  I'm sending the 0xFB, 0xD5


I just ran across this line in the "Serial_to_WiFi_Adapter_Guide_ver_5_14" document:


4.18.4 SPI Interface Handling

In the case of SPI interface, the GS101X node acts as slave and will communicate to master SPI controller. By default, SPI interface supports Motorola protocol with clock polarity 0 and clock phase 0. For more detailed specification of SPI frame format and timing characteristics refer GS1011M data sheet.

Note: The SPI version of the firmware is a separate file compared to the UART and would need to be programmed into the module for support of SPI interface.


Does this apply to the GS1500M?  Do I have to re-program the board to use the SPI interface?  Will this have to be done in production, or can we get the modules "SPI Ready"?