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CW Crash (HCS08 on both version 5.7.0 & 5.9.0)

Question asked by Vincent PAVERO on Jul 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2007 by Vincent PAVERO
- Which CPU are you targeting (HC08, HC12, Coldfire, ..)

- Which version of CodeWarrior are you using?

I've just got a CW Special Edition (version 5.7.0) with a softec Evaluation Board. I installed the software and ran the updater, nothing more.  After launching CW, it crashes when I try to simply create/open a project. The window just "disapears" with no error messages or anything else.

I downloaded the last version (5.9.0.) on the freescale website and I installed it on antoher computer. Same as above, I ran the updater and nothing more, and I have the same problem.

When I click on "open" or "set.." in the create project menu or "open workspace" or "load example" the software crahses and I have to relaunch it.

Thanks for any help ...