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IDEs for Kinetis under Linux

Discussion created by Bruno Castelucci Employee on Aug 14, 2013
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Following up with some questions I have received from customers recently,

What about creating a list of IDEs for Kinetis that run under Linux, and the same for free IDEs (even for Windows if that is the case)?


As for Linux IDEs that I know about:

1) CodeWarrior, up to v10.2, supporting some of Kinetis K devices.

2) IAR EWARM, was about to launch a version that runs under linux, but I couldn find it on their website.

3) ARM DS-5. (Keil does not seem to run on Linux)

4) Mentor Codebench

5) CodeRed, that was recently bought by NXP, what may mean the support for Kinetis could be discontinued.


6) DIY with eclipse, OpenOCD as posted by karibe here:
Setting up Linux opensource build and debug tools for freescale freedom board FRDM-KL25Z >> Karibe


As for Free options, I could find:

1) Mentor Codebench Lite

Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition - Mentor Graphics

2) DIY with eclipse, OpenOCD, Processor Expert by Erich Styger here:

DIY Free Toolchain for Kinetis: Part 1 – GNU ARM Build Tools | MCU on Eclipse


Do you know other options?