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Webserver running out of memory

Question asked by maximilianfenzl on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2013 by Karel Mozny



I have a problem with my http-server (MQX RTCS) running out of memory. That is what i am tried to do yet:


- I need to open 5 Sockets on the RTCS (2 of them are allways free for the webserver)

- First I created a Website ( html + separate css + separate java script file) then i recognized, that the browser is starting to crawl all linked files to the index.html at the same time. Therefore i ran into a out of memory problem, because the http server is creating a lot of tasks. Then i tried to use only one index.html file and put everything in the header of this file. This worked much better but if there are many refreshes in a short time, i also run into out of memory. 

I don´t care about the webserver running out of memory because there is no problem to restart it (not much data lost), but i need the other sockets to stay alive, so for me there is no possibility to restart the whole rtcs. It is also no problem if i don´t react to some refreshes...


Is there anybody out there, who has a Website with java + .css running and solved this problem? Is there a a setting option for the http-server to limit the creation of tasks?


Tank you so far