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bringing up a custom iMX6D board - unable load image from MFGtool.

Question asked by Abraham Varricatt on Aug 14, 2013
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We built a custom iMXD-based board. After applying power, we checked the voltages on the different rails and they all seem good. Setting the chip in "serial download mode" (described in page 452 of ref. manual), plugging in a usb cable and running "lsusb" utility shows a 'Freescale' device popping up. The problem we have is with u-boot. Using the MFG tool on the main site, we are unable to load our "u-boot.bin" (or related) images to the board. Does anyone know I could debug this issue?


The MFGtool appears stuck with a message that says "Loading U-boot". (Before that it spends a very long time on "Jumping to OS Image")


I suspect that we've not configured our DDR3 RAM properly - is there any way to verify if its been done correctly or not?


I have the iMX6Q sabresd board with me for reference - the MFGtool works without issues on it. Our custom board is of a similar memory configuration; 4GB eMMC and 512MB DDR3 RAM (sabresd has 1GB RAM).