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TWR-S12G128 with CodeWarrior System, Error Message(s).

Question asked by skipp isaham on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by skipp isaham

Hello Everyone,


I have an Axiom TWR-EDU-KIT TWR-S12G128 system that was working just fine with CodeWarrior, using it for school work. A newly uploaded course lab didn't work and now the CodeWarrior debug mode fails with "Communications with target failed. The Target MCU has no clock or wrong BDM clock speed is used or derivative is secured."


The PE Micro USB OSBDM test program says my USB driver is properly installed and current.


Would one of you be able to please give me some insight on how to trouble shoot this problem? 


Is there a way to reset the TWR-S12G128 system derivative or reload the entire default parameters into the TWR-S12G128 MCU?


And thank you in advance for your replies.