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How does CSI frames map to IDMAC channels work?

Question asked by Tommy Tang on Aug 13, 2013

Hi,I'm doing some development based on i.MX53,I find in the i.MX53 reference manual.that the register IPU_SMFC_MAP can map the csi frames to the SMFC DMA channels.My understanding is that the CSI frames with specific ID number will go through the configured SMFC channel to the external memory.

for example,if I configured this register as following:

CSI1,ID0 => Channel0

CSI1,ID1 => Channel1

CSI1,ID2 => Channel2

CSI1,ID3 => Channel3

Does it means that csi frames with FRAME_ID&0x11 only can pass through its related channel?

If I config the EBA0 of channel0 only,does it means that the three others will lost?

Who can help to answer it?