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RTCS crash on ARP or NetBIOS flood

Question asked by Mark Grillo on Aug 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by Mohsin455



Why does my RTCS and application TASK crash sometimes if there are a burst of ARP or NBNS packs a few micro seconds apart? Is there a way to prevent the stack from crashing?


Task stats while running:

Interrupt stack:size 00001024used 00000684


SIZE              USED             TASK ID  NAME
00013000(000032C8)00002988(00000BAC)   00010001 Bridge
00003000(00000BB8)00002024(000007E8)   00010002 TCP/IP 



M52259EVB running MQX 3.4 on CW ver 7.1.2