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TWR-K70 won't start in PEE mode

Question asked by Alexandru Gandrabur on Aug 11, 2013


Let me start with saying that I am new to Kinetis family .

I have a K70 revC and I want to use it as a standalone but I am having trouble setting it to 120MHz. I am using Processor Expert and it works when setting it to FEE @ 80MHz. Now, when I try to setup the PEE mode it never gets initialized (when pausing in debug it stops here)


/* Switch to PBE Mode */

/* MCG_C6: LOLIE0=0,PLLS=1,CME0=0,VDIV0=0x0E */

while((MCG_S & 0x0CU) != 0x08U) {    /* Wait until external reference clock is selected as MCG output */


while((MCG_S & MCG_S_LOCK0_MASK) == 0x00U) { /* Wait until PLL locked */  <--- STOPS HERE



I know it must transition to diferent modes before entering PEE, but it seems Processor Expert does this for me.


Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? (I attached the project and the jumpers setting)



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