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IMASK1 or IMASK2 in FlexCAN Modul

Question asked by Markus Krug on Aug 10, 2013
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I was playing around with the FlexCAN Modul of a Kinetis K60. Beside that I found it not so easy to understand the overall functionality (is there a general user manual for FlexCAN?) I was not able to find the difference of IMASK1 and IMASK2 register (respectively IFLAG1 and IFLAG2). The '1' Version of the registers seem to have the functionality for the FIFO mode. However I do not use that mode. Does that mean the '1' and '2' versions are equal?

The only difference I reallized is that if I access the '2' version of the corresponding registers my application crashes with something like bus error I guess (have not verified that yet - it just jumps to the collecting 'CPU interrupt' of Processor Expert).


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