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FlexCAN Interrupts

Question asked by Ivan Robles on Aug 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2013 by Kan_Li

Hi all.

I have a problem whit the interrupt Message buffer in FlexCAN.


I configured the interrupt as:


#define FLEXCAN_MB1_INT       1<<(37%32)


NVICISER1 |= FLEXCAN_MB1_INT;//Message buffer


then I set the flag in:


pFlexCANReg -> IMASK1 |= (1 << mailboxindex);  //for tansmit or receive


I use the Tower TWR-K60DN100M with other Microcontroller brand and I'm trying to comunnicate them.


When I transmit the message from the Tower to other device, it receives the message, the flag in IFLAG1 is setting,

but when I transmit from other device to TWR-K60DN100M, it doesn't receive the message , the Flag in IFLAG1 isn't setting. 


What's going on?