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Restarting ADC triggered by PDB

Question asked by MICHAEL HUSLIG on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by Hui_Ma

This problem has come up before, but I haven't seen a specific answer.  On the TWR40K256, I have the ADC being triggered by the PDB.  But I want to disable the ADC interrupt, do some other processing, and then restart the ADC interrupt.  But I can't get it to restart.  The explanation has something to do with the PDB trigger overflowing or something.  Another way to induce this problem is to have the debugger break the program and then resume.  I have tried various ways of turning the PDB and ADC off and on by software, but still can't get it restarted.  My present workaround, in software, is to turn off CONT in PDB0_SC instead of the ADC interrupt, then to restart it by turning CONT on again along with SWTRIG. Of course this won't restart the ADC if the ADC interrupt is somehow turned off, nor will it work if the debugger is used.  Does any have a specific way to restart the ADC if the PDB overflows?  I would prefer not to have to turn the PDB off since the DACs are still running.