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Problems when programming the MKL04Z8VLC using Jlink and CW.

Question asked by atwoz on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by Fish Wang

We have been using the freedom board to evaluate the kinetis L series MCU's and they work fine. We now created the hardware required for our new product and it uses a MKL04Z8VLC4. We are using the JLink programmer from Segger. First of all, we tried using processor expert and CW 10.4 but we always get a hardfault. This only happens with the MKL04Z8VLC4 and not with the MKL05Z32.. We then wrote the code from scratch without using Processor expert and were able to run the program inside the MCU (MKL04Z8VLC4) but after the first or second programming it's not possible to reprogram the MCU, we have to switch to a fresh untouched MCU.


The error message I get is the following: "Failed to resume target process., ARM GDI Protocol Adapter : An error occurred while trying to write memory. The Debugger can not write memory."


What could be the issue?