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iMX258 and Linux Kernel >= 3.8

Question asked by Matthew Faulkner on Aug 7, 2013



This is my first post on the forum so i'm not sure of the format, and so i'm just going to go ahead and describe my problem.


I am using Barebox 2012-09 to boot the linux kernel. I am able to compile and boot the linux kernel 3.7.10 but when I try to upgrade to 3.8 the kernel no longer boots. That is, barebox is able to discover the zImage, passes the command line boot arguments, but does not get any further.


My problem is that i'm unsure if the kernel is broken OR if the serial output is broken. I think it's the former rather than the later, but i'm not sure.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone managed to get any kernel versions >= 3.8 working? I'm happy to provide any information I can.