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i.MX53 DDR test - ack failed

Question asked by ruchisirauthiya on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by ruchisirauthiya

Hello All,


I am running DDR test application from Windows using the following command on a i.MX53 QSB development board:

C:\DDR> DDR_Stress_Tester.exe -t mx53 -df -com 1


It works fine. Whereas, when I run the same for the customer board the command fails with the following errors:


C:\DDR> DDR_Stress_Tester.exe -t mx53 -df -com 1

rom_check_hab: reading ERROR ack failed 0x00000000

rom_check_hab() failed


Is this because I am using the wrong initialization file (inc) or it this a hardware issue? How can I debug this issue?