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Help with mainline u-boot booting i.mx6 from NAND

Question asked by richardhu on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2013 by Hans-Peter Rosinger

Hi all, I try to use mainline u-boot-2013(git:// to boot i.mx6 from NAND flash.


I can boot i.mx6 from NAND flash using u-boot-2009 from LTIB.

It means hardware BOOT_CFG is configured correctly.


Moreover, mainline u-boot-2013 can boot from SD card.

It means the DRAM settings in DCD is correct.


I burn u-boot image into NAND flash using command:

kobs-ng init -x -w -v u-boot.imx


The command '-x 'pads 1K bytes in the head of u-boot.imx.


But mainline u-boot-2013 still can't boot i.mx6 from NAND flash.


I guess maybe something wrong in boot ROM process ?