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Debugger overwrites FlexNVM partitioning

Question asked by mrupp_viatechnology on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by mrupp_viatechnology

I am using a K70 and want to use the FlexNVM as storage for large constant arrays.  I have been successful in getting the debugger to load into FlexNVM.  However, when my application program starts it thinks the FlexNVM has not been partitioned.  The application program then partitions the FlexNVM but this causes the data written by the debugger to be erased.  I suspect that the debugger is somehow overwriting the FlexNVM partitioning information.  From section 30.3.3 of the K70 Reference Manual, it looks like the partitioning information is stored in bytes 0x3FC & 0x3FD of the data flash 0 IFR, in turn the IFR is stored in data flash 0 block.  But this is as far as I can follow it.  My question is where exactly is the IFR stored?  Knowing this, I should be able to prevent the debugger from overwriting it.