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NOR Boot  - Linux + MQX

Question asked by Bruno Castelucci Employee on Aug 4, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2013 by vladimir khusainov



We are evaluating the possibility of using a Flash SPI memory to boot the whole system on our product, we understand the memory size would be a limitation, but as our product will not have any display and sound we think it should fit a small NOR memory.


We think to boot the whole system from the NOR, so we should have u-boot, kernel, rootfs and mqx images on the memory, at a first analysis it looks feasible, but I wonder if this is already implemented.


The question then is:

Is the boot over SPI NOR already implemented for u-boot?


Our master core is the A5, it should boot the u-boot from NOR, and then u-boot should unpack, store and start M4 core with MQX image on internal RAM. Linux would follow regular u-boot steps to boot from DDR, rootfs should also be on DDR.