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how to configure parallel video interface for iMX6Q sabresd?

Question asked by Abraham Varricatt on Aug 2, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by Abraham Varricatt

The iMX6Q sabresd board comes with an android supported touch-screen display running at 800x480 (I think). The display is connected to the iMX6Q via the LVDS port (From the Simplified Block diagram, I'm guessing that its configured across the internal LDB bridge). We have a custom design using the iMX6D processor driving a display of 1920x1080 (24-bit RGB) via the parallel video interface.


I'm wondering if any special configuration needs to be done for this? Or can I assume that if I load up the same image, it will boot without issues?


The reference manual mentions that the resolution I'm targeting is supported by the iMX6, so I'm hoping to be lazy and just load the image I have for the reference board.


-Abraham V.