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Porting a project that uses a DSC 56F8256 to a 56F84550.

Question asked by doom_guy on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by Pascal Irrle

I am porting a project that uses a DSC 56F8256 to a 56F84550. I am also using CW 10.4 for the first time coming from version 7.3. Inside the build options for the 56F84550 when I generate the linker file I notice that there are 4 ROM/RAM Areas. The first one is for .p_Interrupts, the second one is for .p_Code, the third one is for x_Data (which I am familiar with) and the fourth one is for .p_reserved_FCF.


This is the first time I have come across this .p_reserved_FCF. In the project settings for the 56F8256 I only use the first 3. What is this .p_reserved_FCF? I cannot set the ROM/RAM area to 3 for the 56F84550 either. I am trying to match up the memory areas between the 2 but it seems I cannot match up the .p_Interrupts, the .p_Code and the x_Data.


Any information on what .p_reserved_FCF is would be appreciated. In the 2nd screenshot below it is the memory area 3. Thank You


DSC 56F8256 Linker file screenshot




DSC 56F84550 Linker file screenshot