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Device Initialization / PE in CW10.3

Question asked by ralphi on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by rickli

Hi folks!

some time ago I have done a project with the S08GT16A in CW6.3. There I've used the Device Intitialization to setup all needed modules, frequencies and so on. It is a very nice tool also to look up details like ADC conversion time etc. resulting from my clock settings.


Some years later now, my colleagues told me that eclipse is the tool to use (they use it with gnu-c for arm)... So I've installed CW10.3 and tried to import my old project... After many trial and error I began reading this forum and found out that CW10.2 seems to be the last version which had an import function for old CW classic projects. Then I've found a CW 10.0 installation file on my HD. So I've installed CW10.0. After "cleaning" a copy of my CW6.3 project (by mistake I deleted also the file), I've started the import process. After some minutes I had a converted project which I saved and then started CW10.3 and loaded my converted project. Some settings weren't correct, but after some modifications in the properties I could work and compile and flash the GT16A. Then I've tried to change some settings for the Ports and the ADC. How can I do that? In CW6.3  it is still very easy and I can CW let generate a new MCUinit.asm. But I think that is not "the" way to do changes or am I wrong? Since I was in a hurry, I've changed the MCUinit.asm by hand then. So now my question, how can I do these tasks with CW10.3 (or 10.4 if it works better)???


My last trial was to import the project again (now with the but up to now I've found no possibility to look at or change my hardware settings. Is this not possible because I am using the Special Edition?


I could try to start a new project and copy my source files to it, but then I would have to do all my settings again in PE... If it is possible at all...


Every help is appreciated!


Best regards,