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Can the K60 running MQX 4.0 support both HTTP server and SNMPv2 at the same time

Question asked by Terry Biberdorf on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by Terry Biberdorf

I'm working on a project that requires both HTTP and SNMP operation at the same time.


My current configuration is a K60D100M, I'm using Code Warrior 10.4 IDE

My tool chain is MQX 4.0 GCC build.

I have separate projects running either SNMPv2c or HTTP server but when I attempt to merge the two project together they don't seem to play nice.


My sample merged project is using the HTTP sample project to establish network connection.  My project then spins off a SNMP task.  It attempts to start but fails to complete the following API: error = SNMP_init_with_traps("SNMP", 10, 3000, my_trap_list);


From what I can tell when stepping through the code, this API does not even return.


My first general question would be: Can MQX support HTTP server operation at the same time as SNMP?