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rtcs question. using MCF52259 MQX 3.8. How can I prevent a SYN/ACK attack

Question asked by RICK BOURGEOIS on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by RICK BOURGEOIS

I am using tcp/ip stream sockets for connection to host computer. I only want the first computer that connects to me to be the computer that I connect to.

When the software on the host side decides to download files to me it breaks the polling connection and I accept a new connection and shutdown the previous connection.

Sometimes customers mistakenly assign the same ip address on two computers. In this case the other computer send SYN/ACK breaking my connection with the first computer. I need a method that will allow me to re-establish my connection with the first computer and somehow shut up the second computer.

If I shutdown the socket that creates the problem it just continues harassing me until I crash.