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OpenGL ES for i.MX53 for Android 4.2.2

Question asked by Jan Kobler on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2015 by Giancarlo Baracchino
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I am porting Android 4.2.2 to a TQMa53 board with i.MX53.

The Android source is based on Linaro 13.05

I am using the linux kernel from which can be found on en:arm:tqma53:linux [TQ Support Wiki]


I have tried to use the OpenGL ES Libraries from Android R10.4

but the linker reports


E/libEGL  ( 1586): load_driver(/system/lib/egl/ Cannot load library: is_prelinked(linker.cpp:667): prelinked libraries no longer supported: /system/libo


By a patch with the commit id 4688279db5dcc4004941e7f133c4a1c3617d842c (Date:   Fri Aug 3 16:49:39 2012 -0700) the prelinker support has been removed from the file bionic/linker/linker.cpp in the Android source code.


Is there any OpenGL ES Library which can be used in Android 4.2.2 for a board with i.MX53 CPU?

Will there be any released?

Is it possible to convert the OpenGL ES from IMX5X_R10_4_ANDROID into a format, which can be used by Android  4.2.2?

Is there any driver developer kit to create OpenGL ES Libraries for new versions of Android?