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Low power modes for MC13213 SRB

Discussion created by Leo Rossi on Jul 19, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2007 by Leo Rossi
I am programming a MC13213 SRB board
with Freescale 802.15.4 MAC.

I can't use PWRLIB since:

    1) If I use
       then it happens that
       is always FALSE (radio sleeping).

    2) If I use
    then I can't backup the MODEM beacause
    won't make ever it send beacons again.

    3) If I use
    then I can't check which is the current state of the MODEM,
    and there is not a similar ASP WAKE primitive.

    4) If I use
        Asp_DozeReq(TRUE, TRUE, autoDozeInterval, FALSE)    
    there is not a similare ASP WAKE primitive.

Can someone suggest a quick and smart way for low power?
I need also a way to know the current state of the MODEM and
to restart the MAC/PHY correctly: beacon must be sent, etc.

I work with a beacon enabled network and I use TMR module.
Before touching the MODEM I put the clock to internal @ 125kHz so
I don't need the CLKO signal.