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About the MCG Mode after waking up from VLLS0 - KL02

Question asked by Paul Liu on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by Zhe Tian



For KL02, I have a question about the MCG mode after waking up from the VLLS0 mode.

After POR, I set the MCG mode from FEI-->FBI-->BLPI, and then set the system mode from RUN to VLPR. After some application code, I then set the system mode from VLPR to VLLS0, and the waking up soure is /NMI pin.

From the reference manual, the low level of /NMI pin will wake up KL02 from VLLS0, and it will go through the RESET flow, but the /NMI pin is not the same with /RESET pin, the RESET caused by /NMI pin will not reset MCU registers, just force the PC to RESET Vector address ox00000000.

I have a question, after /NMI pin waked up VLLS0 and run, it should be in RUN mode(system mode) now, whether the MCG mode is still BLPI (the MCG mode before enter VLLS0) ? or FEI (the default MCG mode when POR or /RESET pin wake up)?