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are the DDR3 calibrations supported by u-boot for iMX6 ?

Question asked by Abraham Varricatt on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by Kan Wang

From DDR3 documentation, I understand that there are 4 types of calibrations that can be done. Namely,


  • ZQ calibration
  • Read calibration
  • Write Leveling
  • Write calibration


Are these supported in the uboot code for iMX6 ? I haven't found any mention of them for the iMX6Q sabresd reference board.


We are designing a new board based on the iMX6D processor using two DDR3 chips from Nanya on a 32-bit bus totally 1GB of RAM. We have used daisy chain topology for our new board and we feel that we may need these calibrations during bringup. Do you have any idea how we can do these?


-Abraham V.