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Enable CSI in IPU_CONF causes board to hang when using Android.

Question asked by Mads Meisner on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2013 by Michael Sadikov
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i am trying to get a new camera running on MX6Solo. I have the CSI running, and able to capture single-shots using a small console capture program (no gui, no preview). I.e. the route from camera to /dev/video0 seem OK.


I have also enabled the CSI test mode to generate a checker-board. I see this too when I capture with my little console program.


However; If I start the camera app on the phone, now involving Android and possibly preview, I get a kernel stop. A stop with no messages, no dump, nothing, it simply hangs!


The lights go out just after I do "ipu_cm_write(ipu, reg | IPU_CONF_CSI0_EN, IPU_CONF);" (ipu_common.c).


The strange thing is that my small capture program works ok. So I *suspect* it may be in regard with the preview or something else caused by Android.

  • I have tried to log interrupts, and it does not seem I am getting any interrupts after the 'enable' of CSI0, so I don't think it is an interrupt hanging. Maybe it is a bad DMA setup? (however I need a good idea of how to look into that).
  • I have tried hardcoding IPU_CONF to just IPU_CONF_CSI0_EN (to disable as much IPU flow as possible), but it still dies.
  • I have tried skipping the "enable"-line of code, and then the code does NOT crash or hang.


So: In short: I enable CSI0, and the platform stops!


Any ideas are appreciated!


I have logged the following registers just prior to enabling CSI0: They look much the same as for my console capture. Only exception is: IPU_INT_CTRL(10) =      0x777F000F.


IPU_CONF =      0x000007A0

IDMAC_CONF =    0x0000002F

IDMAC_CHA_EN1 =         0x00800001

IDMAC_CHA_EN2 =         0x00000000

IDMAC_CHA_PRI1 =        0x18800001

IDMAC_CHA_PRI2 =        0x00000000

IDMAC_BAND_EN1 =        0x00000000

IDMAC_BAND_EN2 =        0x00000000

IPU_CHA_DB_MODE_SEL0 =  0x00000001

IPU_CHA_DB_MODE_SEL1 =  0x00000000

IPU_CHA_TRB_MODE_SEL0 =         0x00800000

IPU_CHA_TRB_MODE_SEL1 =         0x00000000

DMFC_WR_CHAN =  0x00000090

DMFC_WR_CHAN_DEF =      0x202020F6

DMFC_DP_CHAN =  0x00009694

DMFC_DP_CHAN_DEF =      0x2020F6F6

DMFC_IC_CTRL =  0x00000002

IPU_FS_PROC_FLOW1 =     0x00000000

IPU_FS_PROC_FLOW2 =     0x00000000

IPU_FS_PROC_FLOW3 =     0x00000000

IPU_FS_DISP_FLOW1 =     0x00000000

IPU_VDIC_VDI_FSIZE =    0x00000000

IPU_VDIC_VDI_C =        0x00000000

IPU_IC_CONF =   0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(1) =       0x80000001

IPU_INT_CTRL(2) =       0x00080000

IPU_INT_CTRL(3) =       0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(4) =       0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(5) =       0xBFFEFF2F

IPU_INT_CTRL(6) =       0x001FFF02

IPU_INT_CTRL(7) =       0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(8) =       0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(9) =       0xDC000001

IPU_INT_CTRL(10) =      0x777F000E

IPU_INT_CTRL(11) =      0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(12) =      0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(13) =      0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(14) =      0x00000000

IPU_INT_CTRL(15) =      0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(1) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(2) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(3) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(4) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(5) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(6) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(7) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(8) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(9) =   0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(10) =  0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(11) =  0x00000100

IPU_SDMA(12) =  0x06050803

IPU_SDMA(13) =  0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(14) =  0x00000000

IPU_SDMA(15) =  0x00000000


CSI information for csi0

CSI_CONF =      0x040A8818

CSI_SENS_FRM_SIZE =     0x01DF027F

CSI_ACT_FRM_SIZE =      0x01DF027F

CSI_OUT_FRM_CTRL =      0x00000000