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Smart way to debug Vybrid M4 Core only

Question asked by Jochen Gerster Employee on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2013 by jiri-b36968

Hi all,

we are currently working on a project, where we develop SW (based on eCos) for the M4 core only on Vybrid.

Every time we like to restart the SW we need to go through a long sequence, starting with Resetting the device (which leads to the M4 is in reset)

and bring the M4 again out of reset and load the elf file again.

We are using a Lauterbach Trace32 and ideally we would like to restart the M4 as simple as on a single core system.


Just loading the elf file again without a reset of the device leads to the application doesn't start probably.


Thanks for your help/ideas


best regards