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ENET uDMA and Descriptors

Question asked by matthewdowsett on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by Monica Arvizu



I am using the TWR-K60N512 and the TWR-SER modules. My project is a CAN to Ethernet bridge bare-metal system.


Using the drivers provided by Freescale I am reasonably sure I have the ENET configured correctly. Also can take a register dump from the PHY and the contents look OK cross checking with the KSZ8041 Datasheet. When I connect the provided Ethernet cable to my PC I get both green LEDs active, with one LED flashing each time my PC sends an Ethernet packet (I am spying using MS Network Monitor).


I have hard coded a TX packet and called enet_transmit_packet function. So both TDAR and RDAR are set but no TX or RX events are occurring. The RX and TX descriptor ring buffers are never altered as I expect they would be.


My question is does the uDMA need any consideration? I am running a very simple bare metal system that has not touched the AIPS, DMA, etc.


Or any other tips would be greatly appreciated :-)