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Please help with USBDM setup

Question asked by Stephen Ellis on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by Stephen Ellis

G'day guys,


Straight off the bat, please excuse my ignorance! My question is pretty basic: I've picked up a 'V2' USBDM from eBay [identical to the one mentioned in], and I'm having trouble getting it to see the target. Any ideas?


The company I work for has taken over production of an instrument which uses an MC9S08GB60CFUE MCU. Now, previously I was able to program the instruments with a P&E Multilink on an old Win2k computer under CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers V6.3, however the Multilink had to go back to its owner. This version of the Multilink didn't work with any of our machines because it apparently doesn't play nicely with WinXP+ operating systems. We pulled an old Win2k machine out of storage and got it all running on that.


I ordered this USBDM and now that it's here I'm trying to flash up another instrument. I'm running into trouble, though. My workstation is a Win7 x64 machine with I have CodeWarrior installed. I've installed the drivers and software from SourceForge, and the attached screenshot [HCS08_Programmer_USBDM.jpg] shows what I can see when I open the HCS08 Programmer executable.


If I try to "Detect Chip" from the Target tab, or if I try to connect to the instrument via the "Debug" button in CodeWarrior, I get an error message as attached below [HCS08_Programmer_Target_connection_Error.jpg]. No amount of power cycling helps.


I've installed the same setup [CodeWarrior for MCUs V6.3, the eBay USBDM drivers and software] on a 32bit XinXP machine but I get the same results.


Could anyone shed some light on this for me? Let me know what other info would be useful.


Many thanks!