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Does the AR4100(G...P) always need to be flashed before use?

Question asked by Marc Bunyard on Jul 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by sNilesh

I am working with a tower system using the TWR-K60F120M and the TWR-WIFI-AR4100, and have the hvac_wifi demo working.  While working through the changes to get it to work with the K60, I ran into the error message "TCP/IP stack not present on Target".  This prompted me to compile with #define ENABLE_STACK_OFFLOAD     0.  This worked, and I'm able to telnet to the tower system.  The TWR-WIFI-AR4100 board that I am using has an Atheros chip marked AR4100G, and is the silver color as oppposed to the gold color.  From the document labeled "Important Starting Steps for the TWR-WIFI-AR4100", I inferred that this chip already has the stack programmed into it so the error message was confusing.


Should I follow "80-Y2220-4_A_Programming_AR4100_SIP_on_the_Freescale_Tower_AppNote" and flash the chip with flashotp.bin, or is there a different issue?  If I have to flash the chip, does that mean this will be standard procedure in manufacturing for the AR4100?