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How to do video encoding (h264 .mp4) file using gstreamer in IMX6Q?

Question asked by John Turnur on Jul 29, 2013
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I am new to gstreamer and in our application we need to capture the video using and transmit it through Network using I.MX6Q board.


I am having I.MX6Q SDP board which contains the MIPI and parallel camera. For start i want to capture the video using parallel camera and i want to encode (as H264 mp4 file) it using VPU  and save that .mp4 file on the SD card.


I am new to the gsteamer , and i want to know that it can be possible to encode the MIPI captured data in to .h264 format and stored it in SD card as .mp4 file?


Which gstreamer plugin will be required and what is the command to perform encoding operation?


I have already build rootfs using gst-fsl-plugin and i have gst-inspect | grep mfw command and it gives me the following plugin .



isink.imx:  mfw_isink: IPU-based video sink

aacdec.imx:  mfw_aacdecoder: aac audio decoder

ipucsc.imx:  mfw_ipucsc: IPU-based video converter

mp3dec.imx:  mfw_mp3decoder: mp3 audio decoder

v4lsink.imx:  mfw_v4lsink: v4l2 video sink

mp3enc.imx:  mfw_mp3encoder: mp3 audio encoder

audiopeq.imx:  mfw_audio_pp: audio post equalizer

mpeg2dec.imx:  mfw_mpeg2decoder: mpeg2 video decoder

vorbisdec.imx:  mfw_vorbisdecoder: vorbis audio decoder

amrdec.imx:  mfw_amrdecoder: amr audio decoder

h264.imx:  mfw_h264decoder: h264 video decoder

v4lsrc.imx:  mfw_v4lsrc: v4l2 based camera src

mpeg4dec.imx:  mfw_mpeg4aspdecoder: mpeg4 video decoder




Please help me.

where is the gstreamer's plugin help document ?