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Reg:Imx6 MIPI 2 lane interface with MIPI 4 lane LCD and LVDS to MIPI 4 lane Conveter Chip

Question asked by Sathiyan Durai on Jul 26, 2013
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We are using IMx6 Dual Core CPU and 5.2inch FHD LCD in our Design. We have some clarfication regarding between LCD and IMX6 interface below please clarify us


Query 1:

IMx6 Dual CPU support MIPI 2 Lane Interface and our LCD support MIPI 4 Lane Interface, How i will Interface both (2Lane with 4 Lane)?


Query 2:


Whether any one know LVDS or HDMI to MIPI 4 Lane Converter Chip?


Host Interface: LVDS or HDMI

LCD Interface: MIPI 4 Lane


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