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iMX25 - internal RAM used by ROM boot loader

Question asked by Ralph Lang on Jul 25, 2013
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I am writing some simple & short test programs that I would like to load into the internal RAM of the iMX257 by using the ROM boot loader via the Serial Download Protocol (SDP) on UART1.  I would like to know what (if any) memory regions within the internal RAM are used by the boot loader.  The 128kbyte internal ram is mapped from 0x7800 0000 to 0x7801 FFFF with the last 64 bytes used for the interrupt vector table.  Unfortunately I can not find any information in the reference manual concerning the boot loader's memory usage. I would like to place my programs in a region separate from what may be used by the ROM boot loader. 


One other question...

From the reference manual, the boot loader uses the watchdog with a 90 second reset period.  Does the watchdog get turned off when an application file is loaded via SDP and executed?  Or is the application responsible for turning off (or resetting) the watchdog timer.