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Error when create a new MQX 4.0 project

Question asked by Lisa Fu on Jul 25, 2013
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I have used MQX 3.8 and Code Warrior 10.2 about one year. Lately I have tried to upgrade MQX 4.0. I have specified a new work space to build MQX 4.0 BSP/PSP and specified another work space to create my project. I have no problem to build BSP/PSP, but I have faced an error which saying "Selected board requires MQX version which is not installed." I have TWRK60F120M. When I build MQX 4.0 BSP and PSP, both bsp_twrk60f120m and psp_twrk60f120m are on the list. I have uninstalled MQX 4.0 and installed it again. I still have issue to build new project. When I try to build the project, I will see the errors like these:


mingw32-make:***[test1.afx] Error 1

Undefined: "_int_disable"


I have attached a file showing the errors.